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Strong Sling Shot with rubber band Powerful Hunting Fishing Laser

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Strong Sling Shot with rubber band Powerful Hunting Fishing Laser



  • 100% steel slingshot head shows the charm of techonology and personality Power and initial speed increase
  • Aluminium alloy handle releases the humanized design camouflage color,military and Professional
  • Resort to lever and eccentric shaft, the initial speed is accelerated on the base of hand power and rubber band. Four springs offer balanced assistance for power generation .
  • Central spindles apply horologe-leveled high-precision processing technology, providing better reliability and stability.
  • Wrist rest can stabilize the slingshot body while shooting and it fits different hands. You can choose use it or not freely.
  • Artfully recurved and integration design, we care about your hand feelings Human body engineering wielded fully
  • Specialized slot to install a torch clamp that can be equipped with a flashlight, then you can use it at light.
  • The fourth generation slingshot
  • Specialized wrist rest
  • Rubber band
  • Heavy-duty spring,already installed in slinghsot
  • Arrow clamp and arrow rest



  • Product parameters: Instructor slingshot
  • Product material: high quality alloy + stainless steel
  • Product process: Casting + cold pressing
  • Product parameter: 290*150*160mm
  • Product weight: 790g

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